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Community Event Space

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For over 30 years, our community gathering space has been regarded as a heart for organizing in the Denver Metro Native community and a place of prayer and refuge as a liberated urban community space.

Our building is available to our community with as few barriers as possible. We are the only space in Denver that is available to our community members free-of-charge for memorials, funerals, wakes, ceremonies, and fundraisers.

In addition, we make the building available to grassroots organizations, student organizations, and other Native nonprofits at a highly discounted rate.

The building features the upstairs "worship" area of the old church, as well as the basement or "undercroft" which includes a kitchen and cookware in addition to a roomy group meeting and/or dining area.

Booking Request
(Note: Other than Funerals or Wakes, we cannot accommodate an event with less than two weeks notice.)

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