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Spirit Fund

How We Help

Four Winds' Spirit Fund provides small financial gifts to community members when a loved one passes. This fund can assist with the costs of services, preparations, burials, and headstones, and/or travel expenses back to reservations or other places outside of Denver for funerals or memorials.  Many tribal governments offer some form of financial support to their enrolled members for the costs of funerals and other related costs when a family member passes on. This is an important resource during a difficult time for a family, but unfortunately the cost of funeral services & transportation have risen exponentially through the years and sometimes tribal support doesn't cover all the costs. In addition, sometimes a family can't access support from their tribe for a variety of reasons, or support is not available to help family members living off the reservation travel back home for funerals and celebrations of life. Our Spirit Fund is designed to be a stopgap that helps ensure our community members can honor their loved ones in dignity.

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(Note: If you are trying to request the use of the building for a wake, funeral, or memorial, please visit the Community Event Space page. )

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